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hololive Island World

Situation voice packs to spend time with hololive production members on “hololive Island” are now on sale.

To help you enjoy the situation voice packs even more, we have compiled an introduction to the world of hololive Island and a glossary of terms.

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Amagasa Festival

There’s a certain day every year when raindrops float in a clear sky.
To celebrate that magical day, the residents of hololive Island hold an event known as the Amagasa Festival. The people decorate umbrellas with symbols of their wishes, hoping to catch them as an umbrella catches rain. Combined with the numerous vibrant hydrangea blossoms, they create a sight that visitors will not soon forget.

Phantom Café

Among the many cafés of the island, the locals whisper of a phantom café, where one can enjoy the cool breeze of spring on the hottest of days.
Here, legends have it, the island’s spirits hold their secret tea parties.

hololive Island’s Clock Tower

At a certain hour of night, when the islanders are all asleep, the broken clock tower sometimes chimes.
Its calming tone rings out over the waves, signalling a secret congregation of the spirits.

Ancient Ruins

Somewhere on hololive Island are the ruins left by early explorers who came to the island. The spirits of the island congregate in a secret location there, unknown to even the islanders. Those who do find it will be blessed with good fortune.

Island Town Bus

A bus that stops at the island’s major tourist attractions and areas. During the day, it carries lively crowds of locals and tourists.
But rumor has it that late on the night of the Amagasa Festival, it carries the spirits to their own secret festival.
Any people who wander into that festival are never seen again.

Café Area

A seaside area featuring cafés and shaded garden terraces.
The islanders often come here to cool off.

The Island’s Legendary Flying Ship

Look to the sky near dawn or dusk, and you may spot a mysterious flying ship. None can explain why this ship is still in the air. It’s said to be the same ship that carried travelers to hololive Island a long time ago.
Perhaps the island’s spirits ride it these days.

Market Area

No tropical island is complete without a bustling bazaar.
Souvenirs purchased here can remind visitors of their time on the island for years to come.

Entertainment Area

The busiest area of the island, with a beautiful night view. On the festival stage, residents put on performances that rock the whole island.

Park Area

The island’s lush nature area. Here, lucky visitors may spot fairies and explore mysterious ancient ruins.


Cute and mysterious creatures said to inhabit hololive Island.
They’ve long been a familiar and well-loved symbol on the island, and are often featured in the designs of souvenirs and everyday items.
Anyone who spots one of these elusive neighbors will surely be blessed with good luck.

The Seven Legends of hololive Island

Local folklore tells of seven legends scattered throughout the island.
It’s believed that the spirits, the island’s protectors, have hidden treasures in secret locations, which will appear to anyone lucky enough to witness one of the legends. This belief has now become one of the island’s major tourist attractions.

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